Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What happening in my life- still recovering form surgery, haven't been able to do much. College starting soon, ordered some books today.

What happening on the web- found an interesting site today. if you like myself are looking for a cell phone for cheap, and don't use your voice coverage often then this site is for you. check it out. These are all plans that offer data only coverage. You will be surprised to see that the 4 major cell phone companies all have packages that include data and messaging only. most of these are made for the hearing impaired, that that doesn't mean that everyone shouldn't be able to take advantage of it.

what happening in the area- The La county fair is currently going on, as many know the fair is known for farm animals, fried food, rides, and beer. I have been told that the fair this hear has had a revamp from its normal layout and am excited to check it out when i can get out and walk around.


  1. wuheeeey. looks like fun on the picture.

  2. An alpha like myself is in search of a good cellphone plan. Thanks!

  3. looks very active and full of people, wish i could go

  4. i had to check up on you like always, such a good read had to comment again