Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whats happening in my life- today went to the doctor to get my wound checked out, got half of the staples taken out one more week and the rest will be out

Interesting thing i found on the net that my fellow nerds might appreciate is a way to make a $50 linux based hacktop. now the item is called a zipit z2 and it is originally meant for texting and instant messaging but hackers in the linux community have figured out a way to make it basically into a laptop that fits into your pocket.

some sites that have info on this device are which ha have mentioned in previous posts. hak5 has a great Internet based show with some great information. the show HERE is a link to the actual episode that the demonstration and instructions are in. on this site they give some links to other websites that have some great information about the zipit z2 and hacking it. these sites include hunter davis' blog which can be found there. There is also a link to a zipit wirless yahoo group which can be found here.
again hak5 is a great site when it comes to tech and gadgets and think many will appriciate their site and the info on there.
and i am sure some of my future posts will be related to techniques which can be found on the site.

in my local area there is loads of things to do as long as you are looking. In my opinion one of the best places to have a drink and eat some food is Buffalo wild wings. whose site can be found HERE
there are many buffalo wild wings throughout the U.S. and they have a great sports bar and restaurant. as you can tell by the name the food of choice at buffalo is wings. My favorite day and time to go to buffalo it Thursdays around 10:30. on Thursdays buffalo has boneless wings at a discount price, my favorite flavor has to be the Asian zing which is quite delicious. the reason i go after 10 is because around this time is when they start happy hour and after happy hour some select beers are half off and a tall glass of budweiser is about 3 bucks which is a pretty good price compared to some places. now buffalo also has specials on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for wings. one other reason it is a great place to go it they play all the sporting events people want to watch along with playing pay per view UFC fights on event occasions. Buffalo has a great environment, great service, and good prices making it one place that i love to go to to have a couple drinks and some food while watching the game or just relaxing.


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  5. Dude.

    I want that laptop. Hardcore. But, I'm sorry to hear about your injury, man. What happened, if you don't mind me asking? Did I miss something?

  6. sounds cool, gotta check that out

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