Sunday, September 5, 2010

whats "happening" now!

today i have started my blog.this blog will consist of what is happening.
What i mean when i say this is i will talk about whats happening in my personal life to some small extent, whats happening on websites i enjoy,  and i will also talk about some happening spots in my town rancho cucamonga or more widely the inland empire that i feel poeple should check out.
We will be looking into "the happs" as i will be calling it
the happs today is i have started my blog

One of the central pieces of this blog will be i will be my mind to mouth rambling, whats happening in my head if you will.
This mind to mouth will consist of my philosophy on Certain subjects, my thoughts on the historical philosophers of the world, my thoughts on some things I have learned the day i am posting and so on.
The reason i will be talking about philosophy a lot is because i am a philosophy major currently working on my bachelors degree.

Whats happening in my life- recovering from hernia surgery
I got a Frankenstein affect going on 

Whats happening on websites- check out, hak5 is one of my favorite sites for learning new things about techy type stuff. The people at hak5 are smart and know what they are doing. The site has some great info about hardware and software. If your a geek you'll love this site, if your not you'll learn something new.
at hak5 they do video tutorials on different computer type topics weekly, one recent video was on android apps and a new developing software being released to some of the public by android for testing that allows people to make their own apps

the happening place for today is the velvet room which is a hookah bar in ontario california. It is a great place to kick back and end your night with some friends and smoke some hookah and they have comfortable couches.
velvet room Ontario California

mind to mouth- live without worry or stress, live without furry or mess